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monarchy catering supplies guinness beer glasses, ovomaltine chocolate, nutella 3kg jars, ferrero pocket coffee, snacks, kit-kat chunky products.

For hundreds of years middle Europe was a coherent unit, and its our wish to recover the culinary treasures from this area. The treasures may have been forgotten and not available in the shops, they can now be purchased and distributed Europe wide. The website ordering facilities are available to Private Individual Customers and Business Wholesalers.

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Chocolate and Sweets, Food and Beverages

We provide and supply high quality gourmet Chocolates, Sweets and Beverages such as Mon Cheri, Pocket Coffee and Nutella with a lot of similar items from the area of the old Austrian Monarchy and Italy which are not widely available in the market places of the UK, USA and Canada.

We are specialists in the supply of Beer Glasses and can offer many famous brands like Erdinger, Zipfer, Edelweiss, Pilsner Urquell, Gösser, Franziskaner, Puntigamer and others. Please send an email enquiry for other brands of beer glasses.
We can also provide various Guinness items such as Guinness Beer Glasses, Arthur Guinness Day Tulip Beer Glasses, Guinness Surger Beer Glasses and the rare Guinness Surger Unit.

We Deliver Products Worldwide

We sell and ship world-wide from the UK and Europe to USA, Canada and beyond. The postal country can be selected when the Shopping Basket is Checked-out and the shipping costs are automatically calculated.
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  • Beer Glasses: Erdinger, Zipfer, Edelweiss, Pilsner Urquell, Gösser, Franziskaner, Puntigamer, Guinness Beer Glasses, Guinness Tulip Beer Glasses, Guinness Surger Beer Glasses and other brands...
  • Beer Products: Guinness Surger Unit and more...
  • New Products: Nutella 3kg Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Ferrero Pocket Coffee, Kinder Surprise Kinderino, Nutella Breakfast Snack
  • Austria: Chocolates, Pralines, Sweets, Syrup, Jam, Honey, Coffee, Bio-Organic, Health, Mineral Water, Diabetic, Snacks, Gift Ideas
  • Beer Products: Beer Glasses, Beer Signs, Becks, Guinness, Pilsner Urquell, Puntigamer, Edelweiss, Zipfer Beer Glasses, and more...
  • New Products: Nutella Hazelnut 3kg, Ferrero Pocket Coffee, Twix White Limited Edition, Guinness Surger Unit, Zipfer Beer Glasses, Ovomaltine 6 Crunchy Biscuit Rolls, Ovomaltine Cacao, Ovomaltine Choc Ovo, Ovomaltine Chocolate Bars, Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream, Ovomaltine Knusperschnitte Waffers, Ovomaltine Noir Edition Chocolate Bars, Kinder Country Chocolate Bars, Kinder Friends, Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise Kinderino Figure XL, Milka Snax Daim, Milka Snax Lila, Nutella Weekly Pack for Travellers & Spongebob Chocolate Eggs With Surprise Toy

After receiving the order and payment, delivery time of ordered goods should be between 7 to 14 days to the UK and mainland Europe.

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